• kathleen needham

    Good luck, Dulcie. You are ‘letting go’ to make room for something else. Congratulations!

    December 06, 2014
    • And thank you, Kathleen, both for your support and your encouragement

      December 07, 2014
  • Please know how much we will miss you! But I understand, I’ve had the same push/pull with blogging vs. writing-what-I should-be-writing. (I think your advice to me was, try cutting back. Go from weekly to biweekly, or whatever feels right). Maybe this would work for you too?
    p.s. Wouldn’t you know? We each have the most darling writers huts! Something we always dreamed about. I’ll send you a pic of mine.

    December 06, 2014
    • Thank you my friend. Let’s write in our huts together. At the end of the winter (decidedly later here than in The San Juans) we can send each other what we got.

      December 07, 2014
  • Anonymous

    And what a year its been! Thank you for being there in all the dark places when I needed someone most. I couldn’t have made it without you. The things you’ve said have opened up doors and windows I didn’t know existed in me and my life feels like a blessing, even on the days that don’t go as I’d like. If the butterfly effect is real, you’ve set loose a sky full. I’m just watching to see where they land.

    December 06, 2014
    • Wow. It does not get any better than that.

      I am honored to be part of your opening.

      Let the next chapters unfold.

      December 07, 2014
  • Dulcie darlin’ love this post, love thinking of you in your cabin writing writing writing!!!!! Maybe I can come visit and write with you. Those 125 people were so LUCKY to get our sage words… I wuv u. S.

    December 07, 2014
    • Your encouragement is such a part of this trip, Suzanne. Thank you.

      December 07, 2014

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