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  • Fuming Fran

    Oh man, I can totally relate! I have such an over-sensitive sniffer, when people walk past me, I hold my breath so I don’t smell them, and it doesn’t matter if its perfume or B.O, I just in general don’t like the way people smell. Actually, I must be off-the-charts sensitive in general, because everything mentioned above as irritating (plus a lot more, like the way people look/sound when they eat!!) push me right over the edge. I must be loads of fun to live with. Haha.
    On the other hand, being so sensitive means I feel the good stuff much more intensely too, and see beauty where others may not, so I can forgive myself the aggravations because its well worth the reward of feeling the stuff I do like all the way to my toes.

    March 20, 2014

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