• Fuming Fran

    Hmm, yes, no co-workers. Next career. God, situations (blindsided and betrayed) are not feelings, right! Hard to keep in mind when I’m pissed off, but so true.

    “The Four Agreements” is on the way to me and I’m on my way to the ocean to throw my anger in and leave it there. I like that so much. Thank you!

    (I’ll report back on the book and how it sits)

    January 31, 2014
  • Fuming Fran

    Dulcie, I got started with “The Four Agreements” right away but I’m having trouble with it. I like a simple writing style sometimes (perfect example: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho) but the way this author states things like they’re absolute truths when he’s talking about something that’s impossible to prove is rubbing me the wrong way. I won’t give up on the book, but I’m wondering if you have another suggestion along the same lines. Thanks!!

    February 18, 2014
    • I appreciated “The Alchemist” as well. I was given permission through the magic in the book to put down my guard and allow it to have its way with me and, as a result, it did. I went with it and it worked. I could suggest the same with The Four Agreements – that you can allow it to take you for a ride through your own underworld (or innerworld if that feels more true to you) and you don’t have to accept as incontrovertible fact anything that does not feel true to you. You can trust that your inner wisdom will sort it through and that way your mind doesn’t have to object. See what you think of this. Also, I think Byron Katie’s “Loving What Is” can be helpful in a similar way and you might find it less abrasive. If you like CDs, you can listen to it that way. I have gone through phases where I am too bothered by someone’s language or demeanor to take in their message. I’m not in one right now so the info is flowing and it’s more beneficial to me. I’m fairly sure this is just how we are – the guards are more reactive some times more than ohters. No doubt if you are feeling angry and hurt and betrayed, yours are doing overtime. See if they can tolerate Byron Katie. And be gentle with yourself.

      February 19, 2014

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