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  • Sharp Edges

    Your statement about not cutting someone we love unless its for surgical or decorative purposes helped me see this picture more clearly. I DO feel like in some ways my desire to cut is the wish to remove something inside that’s making me sick. I’m aware that current feelings of having been betrayed and abandoned by someone I love have opened up old wounds from when I felt this way as a child. I feel like I love myself, and I don’t want these things that feel like deadly tumors left inside me to grow.
    That realization leads me to the recognition that if it truly were a tumor I’m dealing with, its not in my personal belief system to just surgically remove it. I would choose to live/eat/be healthier first and see if that eliminated it. So, the old thinking, that I need to cut these issues out of me, no longer fits with who I choose to be. Framing it that way helps it be more clear to me.
    Thank you!

    March 19, 2014

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