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I am more convinced than ever that writing is a path to the creative genius in all of us.  Whether you call yourself a writer or not, and regardless of what your goals for writing are, putting yourself in a nurturing environment with permission to notice what you notice and then write about, well, it’s transformational.

I have my own story of how this has worked which is continuing to unfold.  And I hear story after story of how writing retreats, writing workshops, writing groups and working one on one has changed other people’s lives.

“…the leadership combined with wonderful participants has made me proud to say for the first time in my life I am a writer here now and always.”

“…writing prompts and discussion also a wonderful middle ground of process and direction to include “non-writers” and writers equally…”

“…I can’t express the depth of my gratitude to you for providing such a safe and stimulating place for me to finally believe I am a writer…”

“…but, what I think really made this experience was the chemistry of the people and the way the “facilitator” allowed (even subtly encouraged) an openness with ourselves, with our writing, and with each other…”

These and more testimonials are from our 2014 writing retreat in Tuscany.

I and Regina Tingle both bring years of writing experience as well as life experience and soul experience to the workshops and retreats. We are certified in Gateless Writing, a method of writing founded by Suzanne Kingsbury in 2006 based on creative brain science that ceases activity in the part of the brain associated with negativity and resistance so that students can access the creative genius within.

Our workshops include yoga, energy work, food, laughing, and crying. And writing. Lots of writing.

You can view and register for our upcoming events at www.wideopenwriting.com.

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