There was a snow monkey

He lived in the snow

But he was white so

You could not see him


This was where my writing began, age 5, a card to my mom with a black dot (his nose?) in the middle of a folded piece of white paper.  I loved writing poems.

Then, after years of closet writing, The Snow Monkey notwithstanding, I completed an MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College in Port Townsend Washington. Since that time I’ve established Wide Open Writing, where we hold world class writing retreats, teach writing classes, hold writing groups and coach aspiring writers.   I also cofounded Minerva Rising, a women’s literary journal and became certified in Gateless Writing with the unequaled Suzanne Kingsbury.

And I write.  I write mostly fiction, short stories and novels, with some non-fiction essays thrown in to keep me connected to Earth. I’m also writing “Confessions of a Therapist”, a reflection on the secret world of me and my clients and how we made it through therapy together.

Writing is how I make sense of myself, my thoughts and feelings and, ultimately, my world.  I live my life as a therapist, a partner, a mother/sister/daughter and as a friend.  Then I write about it. I write about the things that disturb me and I ask them to reveal themselves to me. Why are you like this?  What are we to think about this?  I write to dig things up and then I write to put them to rest.  I am honored when I can help others do the same.

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So join me.  The Writing Page is for all of us to write on.  And feel free to contact me – I’ll be at my desk.

And finally, when in doubt, write about it.

Copyright © Dandelion by Pexeto