Autumn in Tuscany 2014: A Writing Retreat for the Senses


Update – July 30

As part of your Tuscany Retreat experience, Troi Boulanger, LCSW will be joining us and making herself available for both individual and group energy work during free time in the afternoons.  Troi has worked with writers and artists and dancers and musicians to help open the channels to creativity and remove the blocks that depression and anxiety can attach to.


Troi Boulanger, LCSW




 I’ve been in the social work field for over 25 years and graduated from New Mexico State University in1997 with my Master’s degree.  It was there that I was introduced to holistic health practices by Professor Jerry Vest.  Professor Vest developed the 15 Minute Stressout Program, which I helped introduce into the elder community and he continues to offer to returning soldiers and their  families.    Since that time, I’ve continued my own development and so my work with others has evolved as well.  In my practice I utilize Energy Psychology, Psychotherapeutic Reiki, and mindfulness as well as more traditional “talk therapy.”  In my experience, combining these approaches helps people connect to themselves in a deep way.  This way of connecting allows us an awareness of our truths, our unique gifts, as well as obstacles that can thwart our efforts to bring forward or develop these gifts.  Energy work is especially helpful in moving through any barriers to live and express your highest potential.  I believe we all have purpose and talent to share and have made a lifelong commitment to supporting this development in each of us! 




If you have not already registered for this retreat now is the time to do so.  You will come away with a new appreciation for your own unique voice and you will have had a grand time doing it.

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road-to-fattoria-voltronaSeptember 14th to September 19th, 2014

Join fiction writer, essayist and advice columnist, Dulcie Witman, MFA and memoirist and former Italian resident, Regina Tingle, MFA for 6 days and five nights of writing and nurturing retreat in a farmhouse nestled in the Chianti region of Italy. Through daily morning yoga, workshops, writing prompts and using all that the countryside has to offer, this retreat is guaranteed to transform your writing and your connection to your senses.  There is no wifi, no cell phone reception, and no air conditioning other than the fertile September breezes.

Our writing workshops will weave the work of writing together with our senses. Using prompts, exercises and supportive guidance you’ll be invited to awaken the connection between your life experience, your senses and your deepest writer self. You’ll be asked to bring something with you to share and to share what you are working on while you’re there. There will be time for individual consultation and for group readings.  All genres are welcome and you’ll be encouraged to try out something new as well.

Daily morning yoga practice, led by Nancy Coleman will bring us, literally, to our senses. In practices tailored to each group’s participants – beginners are welcome! – we enter our bodies with attention, breath, and movement, with the particular intention of nurturing creative expression.  

Also available at the farm is

  • vineyardviewhorseback riding
  • fishing
  • Vespa rental
  • tours
  • hiking


The price of $1250, double occupancy, includes accommodation, all meals (local wine with dinner) and all workshops. Simply fill out the contact form below.  A $250 non-refundable deposit is required with registration. Space is limited to 12 so early registration is recommended.  Watch for more information in the coming weeks and feel free to contact Regina at for more information.


tavoloUpdate – March 17, 2014


Imagine this.

We turn off the main road and go down a narrow, Cypress lined gravel road which leads downhill past a small village to the family-owned farmhouse where our retreat and our senses will come alive.

Surrounded by roses and rosemary and olive groves and vineyards and hilltop towns and everything Italy, we’ll smell touch, taste, listen and feel our way to the page.  Each morning, yoga is offered as an option, bringing us to silence and connection with self.  Workshops will invite awakening of the energy centers by tuning in to the outside world with exercises designed to help use our senses as access points to our writing.

Each day after lunch, you’ll have free time to explore, to write, to rest, to soak in your surroundings.

All of summer’s warmth and light come out in a violet afterglow which radiates through September evenings at the farmhouse.  There’s nowhere to go, there’s no where to be, no one to call, no email to check.  Just long end of summer meals, outside appreciating the stillness, the view, the breeze, the food, the wine, the sounds of starlings and the smell of the earth cooling with the arrival of the stars.
Whether you are new to writing or a seasoned writer, whether you practice yoga or not, this is a retreat for anyone interested in connecting, deepening, inspiring and nurturing the creative spirit. We will provide the time and space to ignite your creative center, to fuse with the muse.


We are offering a $100 discount for participants who sign up before May 1st.  A $250 non-refundable deposit will register you for 6 days/5 nights double occupancy room, all meals included, September 14th – September 19th, 2014.  With the discount, the full price totals $1150 (airfare is not included). In addition to information attached, we are organizing a private coach to and from the farmhouse from the train station in Florence on Sunday the 14th at noon.  The cost will range from $50 to $60 each way depending on how many people are interested in this option.

Please come.

Vi auguriamo una bonta’ di creativita’.

Dulcie, Regina and Nancy

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Dulcie Witman, MFA – Since completing an MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College in Port Townsend, Washington, writing has steadily encroached on my job as a therapist and my home life on the river in Topsham, Maine.  It has competed with hiking and biking and cross-country skiing for weekend time. It has changed the nature of traveling and reading from something I simply do for pleasure to a way that I throw out the net for my next scene or a new character.   Thinking about writing, talking about writing, reading about writing, teaching writing and writing itself have become central. And I love sharing that process with others.  In addition to my private therapy practice,  I was a founding editor of Minerva Rising Literary Journal.  I teach creative writing and hold writing groups in Portland, Maine.  I author an advice column and a website. I‘ve had several short pieces of fiction published and have recently completed my first novel, “Crooked Love” which while not factual, is certainly true.  Holding a writing retreat with fellow travelers in Tuscany is a dream come true.


Regina Tingle, MFA –  I am a former Italy resident and native Texan who has spent the majority of my career leading hundreds of Americans all over the boot-shaped peninsula to suggestive destinations like Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre and Tuscany.  I first fell in love with language in its various forms, all-things foreign and traveling when I was eighteen and spent the summer studying and living with a family in Spain.  Since then I have been on a constant quest for more where all that’s concerned.  This had led me to climb to the top of nearly every tower in Italy, pick grapes in New Zealand, surf in Australia and return all the way back to my hometown.  I have written a memoir, authored my own website, published articles, essays, short stories in both fiction and nonfiction as well as poetry.  I believe that in order to live a creative life we must make time for nature, solitude and silence.  I also believe that our best growth can be done by stepping out of our comfortable realities and into somewhere completely new, into a place where we are forced to think about ourselves under a different light, unassociated to the roles we play in society and family as sister/wife/manager/mother.  It is true that I have been called ‘crazy’ on more than one occasion and that’s quite alright by me.


Nancy Coleman, PhD – licensed psychologist, musician, writer and long-time yoga practitioner, I’ve studied and taught Kripalu Yoga and have been an advanced student of chakra-based mind-body integrative therapies.  I worked for 10 years as senior staff in the Opening the Heart Workshops of Spring Hill of Ashby where a smorgasbord of experiential practices – bioenergetics, Gestalt, yoga, mindfulness, and the gentle healing of sound and music – were engaged to bring about authentic heart-centered healing. I believe in the power of body-oriented practices to empower, transform and manifest what is most soulful within us.




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