Walk With Me 

Life is to be appreciated, savored, explored, tasted, smelled, heard, seen and felt, enhanced by the company of fellow travelers.  Let’s make that a shared journey.  I’m a writer and a therapist with 20+ years experience.  I’m also a hiker and a reader and a mother and a woman and a person (with 60+ years experience) who is committed to living my life in all its fullness.  Join me in workshops, classes, retreats, coaching and individual and group counseling as we find what’s most important to you and bring it out into the forefront of your life.

About Me

An interview with me about myself. Read More»


After years of closet writing, I completed an MFA at Goddard College and since that time I have been teaching classes, holding writing groups, coaching aspiring writers, and editing Minerva Rising, a women’s literary journal. And writing. Read More»


In my counseling practice in Portland and Topsham, Maine, I bring both academic and, as importantly, Planet Earth education and experience. Read More»
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